Concrete Driveway Repair Help

Concrete driveways are susceptible to cracks and potholes due to constant use. In order to ensure that the driveways do not get damaged beyond repair, it is imperative to fix any wear and tear immediately. This will not only fix the problem at hand but will also elongate the life of your driveway and improve its look. If the cracks and potholes are not given proper attention, they might let the water from rains seep deep into the driveways and the trapped moisture can worsen the cracks. Standing water, which does not have a proper outlet or way of draining and drying, is by far the biggest cause for cracks in concrete resin driveways glasgow. Harsh sun rays and changes in temperatures too play a part in it corrosion.

Be it a small or large crack, the first and foremost thing to do for repairing your driveway is cleaning out the surface. Clearing the surface nicely eliminates any risks of further damages and makes the repair procedure smooth and quick. Irrespective of the type of damage, start with chipping off any loose concrete pieces near the fissures, with a small chisel or screwdriver. Make sure that by doing this, the cracks don’t become unnecessarily wide but only the extra loose and hanging residue is removed. Now, taking a firm bristled brush, clear out any debris from around the cracked surface. Also make sure to clean the cracks itself, this can be done using an air compressor of vacuum cleaners.

Repairing and Fixing

Once the surface is completely clean, it is now time to get to the actual work of repairing and fixing the damages.

Small or Hairline Cracks: For small or hairline cracks either a polymer based product or a mixture of cement and water does the job well. Dampen the damaged area of the concrete driveway using a garden hose for several hours. This is done in order to prevent the dry concrete from sapping up water from the mixture when poured into the cracks. Excluding this step from the procedure can potentially not allow any time for the cement to set. Once the area is damp, remove any standing water from the surface. Now using a trowel, push the mixture into the cracks as much as possible and then smoothen off the surface. Cover the repaired area with plastic for at least 5 days but also water the area everyday for it to set properly.

Large Cracks or Potholes: For large cracks and potholes on the concrete driveways, using a hammer or chisel, undercut the edges off the damaged area. This is an important step in the repair procedure in order for the work to be durable. Now take any bonding agent or cement adhesive and coat the undercut with a brush. For the filling, either buy a gravel mix or make one of your own by mixing together one part cement, two part sand and three part gravel. Push this mixture down the crack using a trowel. Allow the same time and procedure as small cracks to cure the repair.



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