Essential Steps to Selling Your Own Home

When deciding to sell a property, whether it is to purchase a new home or the bank is about to foreclose on the property, you want a quick and painless sale that goes through without any problems.

One of the biggest decisions any homeowner has to make, over and above accepting an offer, is deciding whether to sell through an agency or to do it all on their own. There are easy steps to selling your own home that will offer results in the shortest space of time, you just need to know where to start.

The most important of all the steps to selling your own home is to find investors. There are companies made up on real estate investors that have cash in hand ready to make an offer on any residential property, this is a time saving way to sell any property in a hurry and reduce the risk of paying commission and fees to an estate agent.

You don’t want to use an agent, this is why. Real estate agencies are not fast when it comes to selling properties, a very small percentage of properties listed with an estate agency will sell within the first week or two, this slowly increases within the first month. On average an estate agency will take months before having a solid offer on the table for your consideration.

The easiest of all the steps to selling your own home is to find that team of investors that are ready to pay cash for your property no matter where it is located, the type of property or the condition. These investors often pay fair market value, making it a quick and easy sale.

Before contacting anyone, it’s a good idea to go around your best Realtor near Oro Valley AZ property and find what needs repair. Spending a small amount of money now can help you achieve the price you want. This is one of the steps to selling your own home. Painting chipped and peeling interior walls, giving the house a good spring clean and just making it look clean and fresh can help in the end.

Remember when looking at the steps to selling your own home and choosing an investor, cleaning up may not make any difference. Most investors will do renovations, spruce up and property and then either sell it or rent it out as part of their portfolio.

This is why this is such a top choice for those that need to sell in a hurry, when the bank is about to foreclose on the property or the property has been standing vacant for months and is costing you money that you cannot afford.

Once you’ve found an investment company, the next of the steps to selling your own home is to complete their application and wait for an investor to call. In a majority of cases your phone will ring within a day or two with an investor ready to pay cash for your property.

Discuss any concerns you may have with them, remember one of the very important steps to selling your own home is to be completely honest. If the bank is about to knock on your door, tell them. This way they can assist you wherever possible and see if they can make you an offer that will reduce the risk of foreclosure and give you peace of mind.

If you are happy and everyone is in agreement, then you can accept the offer and start looking for your next property or move into the property you have already purchased. Selling on a private basis is such a relief for so many homeowners who are able to get the price agreed rather than having a number of fees and commissions deducted, leaving them with less than expected.



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