How to Find a Chinese Language Course and 5 Tips For Learning Chinese

How to Find a Chinese Language Course and 5 Tips For Learning Chinese

So you’ve decided to start learning Chinese and are looking for a program and some helpful tips. Read on for five tips that will get you on your way to being able to communicate in no time!

1. Get A Partner
Having someone to work with you on a common goal is a sure fire way to be successful. Maybe a friend or your child is interested in learning primary chinese tuition with you. If you can’t find someone local, check online forums and blogs to find someone who will learn with you and hold you accountable. The only way to make progress is if you do the work and you will only do the work if you have the motivation. For me, having an accountability partner always helps me to meet my goals.

2. Make Weekly Goals
Once you have your curriculum set, sit down and make a study plan with goals that you want to meet each and every week. Don’t be afraid to set the bar a little higher. Even if you don’t meet it every week, it will keep pushing you to work towards it. But do be realistic. To say that you can complete a 10 module course in five weeks is not realistic unless you have no job and no life!

3. Practice With A Native Speaker
Look around your community. Our communities have become so diverse these days, there is a pretty good chance that someone in your town is a native Chinese speaker. If you live in a Tiny Town, USA with a population of 500 you will have to turn to the internet to find someone, but that is easy too. A quick search will help you turn up some friendly souls who are more than likely willing to help you with your Chinese in exchange for some English practice.

4. Immerse Yourself
Check out some Chinese music from your local library or buy a CD at the music store. Put up some fun posters that have Chinese characters on them. Buy or make a set of flashcards to keep with you and use. The more you surround yourself with the language the more you will pick up. If it’s in the budget, I’d say that a trip to China is in order!

5. Speak
Don’t just read or listen to the words as you study. Say them. Don’t worry too much about those four pesky tones. That will come with practice and even if you make a mistake when speaking to a native Chinese speaker, they’ll be far more impressed at your ability than they will care about what you said wrong.



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